Born Shakin’ – We interview Sean Bacon

The youngest competitor on the tour and man of few words, Sean lets his riding do the talking, he’s been gradually making his way through the ranks with his raw talent and consistancy. He has really made his presence known this season, making it to the finals at every event against seasoned local riders and international pros. Can Sean use the home town advantage at the last stop of the tour “No Worries in the Quarry” on the 22nd of April to claim his first win? He is definitely more than capable of showing up his older wakeskate mentors. We caught up with him for a quick chat ahead of the final tour stop.

So lets get done with the familiarities. Hit us up with your age, years riding, hometown and what foot forward you ride?

Im 17 years old, riding for about 6 years, hometown Gordons Bay, Cape Town, and I ride left foot forward

Any sponsors backing you for this year and for the Tour?

Dirty Habits

What is your home cable/spot?

Blue Rock

At this point where is your favourite place to ride?


So you’re currently the second highest South African points scorer on the tour. How do you feel about the last stop being in your hood and heading into the last contest of the season?

I’m excited for everyone to finally come down to Cape Town again

Sean Frontside Flippin’ at the first tour stop

Would you say you prefer the free riding or the contest vibes?

I prefer to free ride but riding in a contest is always fun

How do you feel about the current Tour format opposed to the past traditional cable contests?

I enjoy this format a lot more; you get to try your run until you get the run you want. Guys don’t play it safe with this format; they put out their best runs

You’re one of the younger dudes on the tour. Does this mean you catch a lot flack from the older guys?

No, not really, we are all homies and have fun

Does being a supergrom wakeskater mean you pick up all the chicks?

You don’t want to know

You grew up with a pretty crazy crew of wakeboarders i.e. Kyle Hecht-Wendt, Craig Eggenburger, Jason Colbourne etc. How did that make growing up for you and would you say it had a big influence on you and your riding right now?

They have always pushed my riding but its always different getting tips from wakeboarder than a wakeskater

What can we plan on seeing out of Sean Bacon in 2017?

Its confidential

If you could have a tour stop anywhere in SA where would you put it?

My swimming pool.

Last words for anyone on the tour? Mom dad? Sisters? Friends? Pets? Women Crush Wednesday?

Always salt your pasta while boiling it.

Photos By: Matti Buys (Profile) and Anthony Churchyard (Riding)