New Blood: Kiera Booker

Kiera Booker

New Blood: Kiera Booker

This week we decide to sit down and chat with the new and young blood on the tour Kiera Booker. Not only has this kid shown his domination in junior events but also an insane pace of progression. From some solid flip tricks to not being scared to charge on the rail stuff Kiera has got a lot of potential to go a long way. We’re excited to see what comes from him but more importantly what he has to say now: 

Ok so hit us up with the basics, Age, Stance and Hometown? 

I am 16 years old
I ride Goofy
I live somewhere in Southbroom, South Africa

Favourite wakeskate Magazine?

I have only ever seen and read it in the back of Matti’s car, so it’s gotta be Alliance wake mag.

Favourite Wakeskate movie? 

ISTUDIOMO is definitely my favourite (melted my brain)

So how did you get involved in this sport of wake skating and are there any other board sports that have made their way into your life? 

Since i was young I have always enjoyed skating and a bit of surfing but eventually I found my way down to the river lodge and saw wakeskating for the first time and that’s where I have been doing it for the past two years, I am still surfing and skating a lot but nothing is as fun as wakeskating and the feeling it gives me.

Kiera with a Frontside Bigspin

This is your first season on the tour competing in Pro only, how do you feel about that and what are your goals? 

Going into this tour with the pros makes me feel like I am actually one of them now. My main goal is to put up a fight and beat one or two guys but I am really just keen to ride with them all.

The first stop is at your home cable at The Boarder Post or affectionately known as “Smekkie Town”, are you amped to have it back there and how does it feel having all your friends there to see you shred? 

I really love our cable here the most, it’s almost killed me a few times but it’s just has such a cool vibe to it. And having all my friends there just makes it that much better

You’ve been the victim of a series of Grom treatment from the older guys on tour, wearing helmets in clubs and carrying everyones boards to mention the mild stuff. Who would you say is the hardest on you and who would you rather take the abuse from? 

Lately Sean has been quite hard but only because he’s a fat bag of beans but I will keep punching back until I am a big grom. If I did have to choose who I got the grom treatment from it would definitely be Troy, he might look dangerous but he is actually a pretty cool bag of beans .


Kiera Booker

Grom Treatment and a lesson learnt, he’ll never borrow a helmet and forget to loosen the strap before giving it back again.


Bags of Beans hey….Being the youngest on tour, who do you look up to on both the tour and wake skating in general? 

Since the beginning I have always looked up to Matti, not just his crazy wakeskate black magic, but he has always been there pushing me to go further. He often is the one that inspires to wear high socks or use a shoe lace as a belt but he’s my inspiration, but still I look up to all the other guys on the tour they all have there different things I look up to and try follow.

Any big plans for you and wake skating? 

I never wanna stop wakeskating. I really hope one day I’m gonna be able to go over seas and meet all the legendary riders and just ride all the amazing spots that have been built for wakeskating. And maybe try get some cool clips of me doing it as well for my mom.

Does being the up and comer on tour help with the girls at school? 

I have countless girls coming up to me everyday at school asking about my amazing skills. But best advice I have right now for all you men out there is “girls are dangerous” 

What was your favourite tour stop last year? 

I loved the Johannesburg comp last year just because I got to ride a full cable for the first time and I landed some new tricks there which I was so stoked on. 

Any advice for any groms getting into the sport? 

To all future groms wrap before you tap.

Oh dear…Any last words or thanks? 

Thank you to everyone one who either gave me a lift or drove me on the cable there are so many. But I would definitely thank my mom for always being so cool with me wakeskating and traveling and thank you to Matti and Kev for so much I wouldn’t of been here if it wasn’t for you guys and I wouldn’t have been as good as I am now. Just thanks to everyone Jakob, Jeandre, dad, Mandy, Tim, Miles, and a bunch more thanks


New Profile pic, it says “I’m young, but I travel”

Photos and Words by Matti Buys
Edited by Dale Nieuwstad
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